Project Development

The development phase of a solar project can take more than three years and requires the navigation of numerous regulations
and governmental agencies.

Geenex is here to guide landowners and other partners
through this complicated process.

Land acquisition, site analysis, environmental assessments, facility permitting, utility interconnection and power purchase agreements are key parts of the due diligence process in solar development for which Geenex can offer our expertise. As Geenex is uniquely focused on the development of solar facilities, we are in an optimal position to provide the best leadership and oversight for such projects.  This collaborative development effort is what makes us your local greenfield developer.

Geenex’s proven processes and experienced team members are what has enabled us to quickly build an extensive development pipeline in only a few short years. With a primary focus on solar facilities between 20 MW to more than 350 MW in size, Geenex has a proven track record of success.  Our partners and investors understand that our projects will be developed on-time, on-budget, and in-accordance with all local, state and federal permitting requirements.

Sample Project Development Timeline



  • Sign Contract with Landowner
  • File interconnection
  • Preliminary due diligence and site inspection



  • Receive interconnection feasability report
  • Begin full site analysis
  • Begin County, State and Federal permitting processes
  • Begin negotiation with investor



  • Receive interconnection feasability report
  • Complete permit
  • Attain all permits
  • Finalize negotiation with investor



  • Sign inter- connection agreement
  • choose GC firm

“I enjoy the opportunity to engage with and educate local officials on the positive impacts of solar development. What a great feeling to know that at the end of this process, there will be a solar facility that benefits not only our environment, but the landowners, the local community, the state, and our world as a whole.”

– Kara W. Price, SVP Permitting & Development