Geenex prides itself on the relationships we build with the landowners who make our solar developments possible. Bringing clean, renewable energy to a community while helping landowners secure their family’s financial future is a true win-win situation.

Turn your Land into a legacy with Geenex Solar


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Your Land



Our Investment



Our Expertise


A Bright Future

“I love my job as I can help families to keep land in the family for future generations.”

– Jim Harris

Land Requirements

Do you have land that meets the following? Then maybe we should have a chat.


A minimum of 100 continuous acres of land


Proximity to power lines and/or utility substations


Primarily free of wetlands or environmental concerns

“We have to get our power from somewhere and I would much rather see a solar farm next to my land than a nuclear or coal plant that could be dangerous. Solar farms are safe and make good, clean power. I am pleased to have worked with Geenex Solar on such a project.”

– David Dunlow

Do you have land you would like us to consider for a solar project?

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