Projects Under Development

Geenex Solar is a greenfield solar developer who has been focused on solar development in the southeastern U.S. since 2012 as exemplified by our projects completed to date. Currently, Geenex has more than 50 solar PV facilities in variousstages of development throughout the Southeast and the Midwest. Geenex Solar has an aggregate pipeline of more than nine (9) gigawatts (GW) of solar under development with the majority being PJM-interconnected projects ranging in size from 20 MW to upwards of 500 MW.


Geenex-sourced projects are valued by the country’s largest solar developers, investors, and utilities for their well-sited locations, their adherence to best-development practices, and standards that meet and usually exceed county and state requirements. Geenex Solar puts an emphasis on community education and engagement while carefully preparing a site location for development as a solar facility. Its experts serve to lead important aspects of the development process including land acquisition, site analysis, environmental assessments, local permitting, regulatory processes and utility interconnection.


Please contact us for more specific information about the Geenex project portfolio.