Geenex sees the future of renewables as a collaboration built upon community support and involvement. We work diligently to create unique, local community partnerships that provide economic and environmental benefits. Protecting farmland for the next generation is a priority, and we are intentional about building strong relationships within our rural, agricultural communities to assure that future.

Working with the communities we serve to create the most locally beneficial renewable energy programs is our sweet spot. Geenex proactively works with city and county officials as well as regulators to ensure our projects are developed to the highest standards and have the most beneficial community impact. Solar development provides long-term benefits and revenue to local governments, which in return supports the community, the local school systems, and other important county services.

Solar is a passive land use that is non-toxic, odorless and quiet. There is very little disruption to the community and no increase in traffic, air pollution or dust. Solar farm system components can be recycled when removed, and the land can be returned to its original use.

Geenex has been an industry leader in incorporating plans for decommissioning in our landowner agreements. Planning for decommissioning ensures the land used for solar development can and will be maintained and returned to its original condition at the end of the project’s life cycle. Solar is the perfect placeholder for the future.

Solar creates well-paying construction and operations jobs in local communities for current and future generations alike. In addition, Geenex facilities create ongoing educational and workforce development opportunities at local schools, technical schools and colleges. Solar workers are a part of the local community, which in turn boosts economic activity for local businesses.

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Geenex in the Community

Geenex is proud to support the programs of the Center for Energy Education (C4EE), a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, which brings leading educators and professionals to our communities to provide renewable energy research, educational programs and workforce development training. Through the programs offered by the C4EE, citizens can learn first-hand how the renewable energy sector can bring valuable educational and career opportunities to the community.