Geenex is a greenfield developer of utility-scale solar projects. We believe that everyone should be involved, and directly benefit from, our country’s shift in energy production to renewable resources. Solar provides the opportunity for landowners, communities, and industry to work together to secure our energy needs and independence for the future. We strive for our solar projects to provide energy at competitive prices while not polluting the air or the environment.

Founded in 2012, Geenex is committed to developing high-quality solar projects that are beneficial to all. Geenex is skilled in all aspects of a solar project’s development including site evaluation, real estate procurement, facility and interconnection engineering, environmental analysis, as well as federal, state and local permitting processes. Geenex’s experienced team navigates through the development process to guide a project from its initial stages through to its delivery of clean, reliable power to the grid.

Our Team

Georg Veit

Chairman of the Board

Sarah Hetznecker

Chief Executive Officer

Juergen Fehr

Managing Director

Christopher Robotham

Director of Legal and Finance

Kara W. Price

Senior Vice President, Permitting & Development

Walter Putnam

Chief Operating Officer

Donna Robichaud

Senior Vice President, Development Strategy

Keith Akers

Senior Vice President, Real Estate & Finance

Jim Harris

Director, Land Development

Brett Moulton

Manager, Contract Administration

Logan Stephens

Director of Development - Ohio

Paul Cummings

Director of Development - Indiana

Jessica Gliha

Director, Community and Governmental Relations

Aron Caudill

Manager, Land Development

Mark Weissman

Corporate Paralegal

Carlena Bronson

Corporate Paralegal

Kristen Zolali

Manager, Project Development

Lesley Williams

Senior Vice President, Development Strategy

Emily Williams

Director of Development - Kentucky

Trena Roudebush

Director, Community & Governmental Relations

Avery Price

Associate, Contract Management