400 MW of Geenex Solar Projects Already Making A Big Impact in Local Communities

(Charlotte, NC) – Geenex Solar’s expertise in early-stage project development has led to significant growth for the company and a sizable portfolio of solar projects currently operating or under construction in North Carolina and Virginia. There are 70 MW of Geenex-sourced solar projects already delivering clean energy to the grid. As of September 7th , 2018, Geenex has another 330 MW of solar facilities in various stages of the construction process.

Geenex Solar was responsible for the land acquisition, site analysis, interconnection filings, environmental assessments, and facility permitting for these projects that range in size from 5 MW to 100 MW. Strategic partnerships with some of the largest solar developers and contractors in the country then allowed these projects to be successfully financed and constructed. This 400 MW of solar will be enough to power more than 100,000 average homes and will offset more than 500 tons of carbon emissions.

The impact from these solar facilities extend well beyond their clean energy generation and local tax benefits. Geenex’s success, and its commitment to the communities in which it develops, has also supported the growth of the non-profit Center for Energy Education (C4EE) based in Halifax County, North Carolina. The C4EE was created from a shared vision between Halifax County officials and Geenex Solar. In 2018 alone, more than 175 students, 112 teachers and 99 county leaders have participated in summer camps, training programs and educational seminars on renewable energy through the C4EE’s programs. Approximately 100 citizens have also graduated from one of the C4EE’s workforce development courses with many of those graduates already employed in the solar construction industry. Mozine Lowe, executive director of the C4EE, remarked, “Geenex’s establishment and continued support of the C4EE allows us to offer a place for people of all ages to learn and explore many aspects of renewable energy.”

In addition to the projects operating or nearing completion in North Carolina and Virginia, Geenex Solar has a development pipeline of more than 2,000 MW spread over four (4) states. “Geenex’s proven processes and experienced team members are what has enabled us to quickly build an extensive development pipeline in only a few short years,” stated Georg Veit, CEO of Geenex Solar. “What’s more, our partners and investors appreciate that our solar projects deliver tangible benefits to the local communities in which we develop.” Geenex is pleased to be able to provide the opportunity for landowners, communities, and industry to work together to secure our energy needs and independence for the future.

Jim Harris and Walter Putnam, from Geenex Solar’s Land Development team, educate Halifax County, NC officials on the installation process during construction of one of the company’s newest solar facilities in that county.